Thursday, June 30, 2016

Watch Summer Games Done Quick Charity Marathon July 3-10

A great semi-annual gaming tradition are the videogame speedrunning marathons for charity presented by Games Done Quick.  They have Awesome Games Done Quick in the Winter and Summer Games Done Quick during Summer (duh) and they're a blast to watch.  

Speedrunners play games very differently from you or I.  They don't necessarily rely on glitches or exploits, either.  Oftentimes they're just really, really, really good at the games and are able to perform moves and techniques beyond the abilities of mere mortals.  That is what makes them so fun to watch.  You get to see games you're likely already familiar with played in a totally different way.  

Games include classics like the Super Mario Bros. series, Mega Man series, Castlevania series, and more along with more modern games as well.  Indie games also have a big presence, too.  

The speedruns are done for a good cause, too, as viewers can donate money to charity.  Last year's Summer Games Done Quick 2015 raised $1.2 million (yes MILLION) dollars for Doctors Without Borders and Awesome Games Done Quick 2016 earlier this year raised another $1.2 million for the Prevent Cancer Foundation.  Summer Games Done Quick 2016 is once again raising money for Doctors Without Borders.  It must be noted that you don't have to donate anything to watch the speedruns, and there is no shame in not donating if you can't.  

Summer Games Done Quick 2016 is taking place from July 3-10.  You can see the full schedule here - SGDQ 2016 Schedule.