Thursday, March 16, 2017

Amazon Warehouse Deals Cheap PS4 / XONE FAQ

Savvy shoppers have known about Amazon Warehouse Deals for a while now, but there are a lot of folks out there that aren’t aware they can save quite a bit of money by buying from Amazon’s scratch and dent retailer. We explain how it all works right here.

First off, Amazon Warehouse Deals IS Amazon so anything you buy is supported by the same customer service and guarantees and warrantees as buying something brand new from Amazon’s normal store. The difference is that Amazon Warehouse Deals is generally selling used items that were either traded in by customers through Amazon’s Trade-In Program or new items that were somehow damaged in Amazon’s warehouse. The traded in items are usually fine and have been inspected and cleaned up if need be, but the specific products we’re focusing on are the damaged scratch and dent items to find the big discounts.

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A lot of things can happen in a warehouse environment that causes a product to get dinged up. The box can get bent or scratched. The top item in a new box might get nicked with a box cutter when they open it. Lots of stuff. Amazon knows customers won’t be happy buying a new item they expect to be in pristine condition only to have it arrive all beat up, so they sell it through the Amazon Warehouse Deals label at a discount. The items inside are perfectly fine and still brand new – as long as you pay attention to the item descriptions – but the packaging is a little worse for wear. That sounds like a recipe for bargains to me!

As I mentioned, though, you have to make sure to carefully read the item description so you know what you’re buying. Amazon Warehouse Deals is very good about accurately describing the condition of items and will specifically state whether something is new and factory sealed, where the damage is, and whether bundled games or other items are included. Read the descriptions! Even items at the same price point can have wildly different quality and conditions, so be careful to read before you buy.

The reason why I’m writing about this today is because I bought a PlayStation 4 Slim Uncharted 4 bundle from Amazon Warehouse Deals for $232. Over the week or so I was waiting for the right deal to come up I saw this bundle as low as $193 and several at $206, but most of them are in the $219 or $232 range. I wasn’t brave enough to try the cheaper ones (though the $193 one did say it was factory sealed …) but after receiving my $232 PS4 in almost perfect condition except for a couple of dents on the bottom of the box I’m definitely curious to see what shape the cheaper ones arrive in. I’m willing to bet they’re probably pretty good.

Amazon Warehouse Deals isn’t just a decent place to save some cash on hardware. You can find good deals on new release games there, too. On release day of a new game be sure to check Amazon Warehouse Deals because you’re likely to find a cheaper copy at a $10-15+ discount. It will almost certainly have a broken case or the cover might have been slashed by a box cutter, but if you just want to play the game and save some money it isn’t a bad deal.

Bottom Line – Amazon Warehouse Deals isn’t something to be scared or skeptical of. Give them a try and save some money! And how about shopping via those links above to help out PSXBoxIndies a bit while you’re at it, huh?