Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Eric Vs. 365 - Day 17 - Attack on Titan 2

Day 17 of Eric Vs. 365 features Attack on Titan 2 for Xbox One. We both love and hate Attack on Titan - love the world and overall premise, but hate the dumb story - so playing a game that highlights the violence and brutality while condensing the story is by far our favorite way to experience the franchise. Read on for more.

I already covered what I liked and disliked about Attack on Titan 2 in an article earlier in 2019, which I highly recommend you read here. Basically, I loved the gameplay and presentation but don't like the story or the grind to upgrade your equipment. It also can't be stressed enough how huge of a gap there is between the emotions the game WANTS you to experience versus the gameplay that you're actually participating in. It is hard to be scared of the horrors going on around you when your character kills thousands of titans with absolute ease. If that's not ludonarrative dissonance then I don't know what is. No, seriously, what is ludonarrative dissonance? That's right, isn't it?

For this video I played a bunch of side missions just to sort of show off the game and goof around. Towards the end I talk mad crap to potato girl Sasha, which is pretty funny. I also play with the character creator a bit and turn my character into a horrifying giant. I'm not sure why they allow you to do this to your character, it's really weird. You'll see what I mean.

All in all, Attack on Titan 2 is pretty fun. If you don't already have it the new Final Battle edition is definitely the one to buy since it has the base game plus tons of DLC. Even if you don't really like the franchise much due to the convoluted dumb story, the game is still worth playing because the gameplay is solid and the world itself is worth experiencing.