Sunday, July 28, 2019

Eric Vs. 365 - Day 28 - Planet of the Eyes

For the 28th game of Eric Vs. 365 we played a little bit of Planet of the Eyes. This 2017 indie title got overlooked by a lot of folks but it is a solid puzzle platformer that definitely deserves more love. It is cute and colorful and well made all around. Watch the video and learn a little more about the game right here.

I liked Planet of the Eyes back when I reviewed it for PS4 in September 2017 and compared it favorably to the likes of Limbo and INSIDE. The problem with Planet of the Eyes, however, is that everything is solid but unspectacular. There isn't really anything super memorable about it. It is a well executed by the numbers platformer boosted by a great aesthetic and a cute dancing robot. It is still absolutely worth playing and you'll appreciate it in the moment, but then you'll forget everything about it. 

For this video I just showed off the first chunk of the game. The game only takes about 90-minutes to beat and I didn't want to play through the whole thing, so I played a bit and stopped. I actually had more trouble with some of the puzzles than it shows in the video, but I cut those out because watching people struggle on the same stuff over and over and over again isn't fun to watch (maybe I'm wrong, though, since people sure love watching sadistic Mario Maker levels these days ...).

The crescendo of the video is a long climb up a ladder that I couldn't help but think about Metal Gear Solid 3's infamous ladder so, naturally, I slapped "Snake Eater" into the background audio. I ran it through a low pass filter a couple of times so it sounds muffled and distant and I think it came out nice.