Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Eric Vs. 365 - Day 31 - Turok 2 Remastered

Capping our first full month of Eric Vs. 365 is Turok 2 Remastered from Nightdive Studios. The port is amazing and we're huge fans of the work Nightdive is doing these days. The game itself? Not so much. Turok 2 kinda sucks, which is why the best way to play it has always been to use cheats and just goof off. Continue reading and watch today's video after the jump.

I reviewed the Turok remasters when they hit Xbox One in March 2018. I loved Turok 1, but Turok 2 just ain't very good. It gets almost everything right - feels good, neat weapons, tons of cheat codes, great visuals - but totally borked the level and mission design and the result is a game that you want to like but it feels like a chore to play through. The maps are too freaking huge and maze-like with hidden switches and stuff all over the place that you have to find in order to make progress. On top of that, each level also has missions such as turning on distress beacons or finding lost children and if you don't find them all you start the level over and have to do it all over again. When the levels already take an hour+ to get through the first time, doing it all over again because you didn't find all of the hidden crap is a kick in the nuts.

So, instead, you cheat your ass off and skip levels and just have fun.

In this video I used invincibility and all weapons and infinite ammo cheats to just run roughshod over the game and it still took me an hour to finish the first level and I didn't even save all the stupid kids so, technically, I didn't even beat it. That is Turok 2's problem in a nutshell and I'll say it again - it's too damn big. You get bored long before the levels are over. 

The highlight of the video is when I yell "I am Turok" a lot. You'll see what I mean. I think it was funny, at least.