Friday, July 5, 2019

Eric Vs. 365 - Day 5 - Minecraft

Minecraft is fun, but making a unique Minecraft video is hard. Unless, of course, you're a cat-obsessed weirdo like Eric. Day 5 of Eric Vs. 365 dares to ask the question - what happens if you spawn 1000 cats in Minecraft? Hilarity, of course. Continue reading for the details.

The idea for today's video was birthed from my mind vagina at about the same time as the Gems of War video concept. Basically, if a game has cats in it, it'll be worth trying to make a video. Minecraft has cats, plus a creative mode that makes it super easy to make pretty much anything you want, so magic happened.

I started out in the older Xbox One console version of Minecraft but hit a  roadblock pretty quickly. That version only allows you to spawn a handful of anything at a time so my dreams of filling a world with cats were shattered early on. I switched to the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft, also on Xbox One, and had better results. The Bedrock Edition allows for infinite worlds, multiplayer realms, and all sorts of good stuff. More importantly, it lets you spawn as many things as you want until your Xbox can't handle anymore. I'm talking hundreds and hundreds of creatures all boiling on top of each other. It's freaking funny as heck.

This video more than any thus far demonstrates exactly what I want to do with Eric Vs. 365. It shows my love of cats, but it is also exactly the video I wanted to make when the idea sprang into my head. It's exactly what I wanted it to be, which isn't always easy to actually execute.

One thing I want to say about Minecraft in general, though, is that I think I liked it better back when it was more simple. My first taste of Minecraft was the XBLA version and even though it was a relatively tiny 1 KM map that was multiple updates behind the PC feature set, I had tons of fun with it. Trying to jump in and play the newer versions is always just so overwhelming that I don't really have fun. There's too much stuff. Too many things to keep track of. Too many things to craft in order to actually get to the good stuff. Despite having a million things to do I end up getting bored, as weird as that sounds.

Minecraft is kind of the opposite of something like ARK: Survival Evolved. Minecraft had a rock solid foundation to start with, so adding new stuff was pretty much all they had to do because it didn't need fixing. ARK, on the other hand, was a pile of garbage from the start but instead of fixing it they just kept adding more stuff on top and now it's a convoluted piece of crap that runs like crap and plays like crap and looks like crap. Really makes you think, doesn't it.