Saturday, August 3, 2019

Eric Vs. 365 - Day 34 - Pizza Titan Ultra

A giant robot with a pizza restaurant inside so it can make the pizzas while it runs across town to deliver them. That's the idea behind Pizza Titan Ultra, and it's pretty brilliant. This $12 indie is available on all of your favorite platforms and is definitely worth a look. Continue reading to watch today's Eric Vs. 365 video and read more about Pizza Titan Ultra.

There isn't much to say about Pizza Titan Ultra that that first sentence above doesn't already cover. The premise is simple but very clever and very well executed. The game is a sort of 3D open world affair where you just follow the markers to your next delivery. Each level also has a separate mission associated with it, such as destroying a certain number of buildings / enemies (because not everyone is happy with a giant robot stomping through town) that you have to complete as well. Each pizza you deliver gives you more money that you can use to buy new customization pieces for your robot, so you can (and should) ignore missions and just collect money to buy new stuff. You need cash to unlock new areas of the map as well, so it's definitely worth it to just grind for a bit to unlock things. You can customize your robot with a giant cat head or dragon parts and all sorts of cool stuff.

The gameplay grows more complex as the levels get more complicated and the enemies more deadly. You start off with pretty much no worries, but things quickly ramp up and you have to actually think about what you're doing. It's enjoyable. Also enjoyable is the fact that the folks you deliver pizzas to are fake versions of real characters, like Bob Ross, PaRappa the Rapper, Captain Planet, and more, which is quite funny and cool.

All in all, Pizza Titan Ultra is worth a look. I've had fun with it, even if eating pizza makes me feel like I'm gonna die these days.