Friday, August 23, 2019

Eric Vs. 365 - Day 54 - Madden NFL 19

We featured the Randy Moss Show in NFL 2K2 a couple weeks ago so now seems like a good time to showcase the current Vikings recievers, Adam Thielen and Stefon Diggs, in Madden NFL 19. Read on to watch the gameplay footage and read more about Madden 19.

Sports games are weird. I've talked before about how I hated reviewing them, because no matter what you say you're going to be "wrong" in two weeks, but I still stand behind the belief that the newest one is almost always the best one and the one I'd recommend to people. Frankly, roster updates matter. Maybe not pay $60 every year "matter", but for sports fans roster updates are worth buying the newest game. And despite claims from, well, everyone, that "not much changed this year" that is never, ever, ever actually the case. Of course things change. Visuals improve. Features get more fleshed out. The changes may be small-ish some years, but things generally do improve. And then people start posting glitch gifs and complaining that the simulation breaks after 25 seasons and everyone decides it "sucks" even if they'll never actually experience any of the problems.

In other words, reviewing sports games sucks. As a reviewer you're always going to be wrong. I'mm glad I don't have to do it anymore.

With all that in mind, Madden 19 seems pretty good. It looks great and I love that it offers lots of gameplay options - including an arcade-style mode - to ensure everyone can have fun with it. For a long time these sports games kept getting more realistic and intense and harder to play and I didn't like them much. I've had a good time with Madden 19. 

We'll probably play Madden 20 sometime in the future too, don't worry.

About this video. Just like the 2K2 video and Randy Moss, I threw the ball to the Vikings current star receivers, Adam Thielen and Stefon Diggs, every play. It wasn't quite as "easy mode" as 2K2 was with Moss, but I still torched the Bungles defense to the tune of 750+ yards and 9 touchdowns for Kirk Cousins (plus a running TD). Diggs had 5 and Thielen and 4 TDs. 

One thing that is kind of confusing is that in the video I say that I was struggling to get Thielen the ball - even though he had a couple touchdowns already at that point - but it was because I had to cut out a lot of stuff before then and while I was playing Diggs really was having a better game up to that point. That's kind of what happens when you talk and play at the same time. Sometimes you'll say something dumb at a moment you can't cut out - it happened during a Diggs touchdown so I couldn't cut it - so people are confused by what you're saying. Sorry about that.