Sunday, September 8, 2019

Eric Vs. 365 - Day 70 - Dead or Alive 5 Last Round

Day 70 of Eric Vs. 365 features Dead or Alive 5: Last Round. Talking about any Dead or Alive game these days comes with a lot of baggage, especially if you "gasp" actually enjoy it, but darn it, these games are as fun to play as they are to look at. Yeah, I went there. Read on for more.

I still like the Dead or Alive series and I don't care who knows it. You can't say that on the Internet these days, though. Slimy tabloid rags like (insert video game blog here) have thoroughly convinced people that if you enjoy games like Dead or Alive or anime franchises you're either a 12-year old who just doesn't know enough to be "woke" yet or you're a 30-year old virgin incel who hates all women. That is all ridiculous and the vast majority of fans are just normal people who are miles away from either of those extremes, of course, but that is where every conversation about Dead or Alive or Senran Kagura or dozens of other titles inevitably leads. 

Don't misunderstand - I'm 100% for social justice. Treating everyone with equal respect is a goal that everyone should be fighting for. I just don't think browbeating people and insulting them because of video game titties is really the right way to go about it. Social justice would have a far easier time gaining traction if so many warriors didn't assume everyone they talk to is an idiot that needs to be educated and anyone that doesn't automatically agree with them is an enemy. It just puts off otherwise reasonable people who actually agree with them when the "good guys" come across as giant self-righteous pretentious assholes. Most people choose to just not participate (which also makes you an enemy of the warriors, by the way). Like I said, the cause is great and just and worthwhile, but the methods currently being used to try and get there suck. Social reforms should be easy when the bad guys are literally cartoonish villain idiots, right?

Are the giant bouncing breasts in Dead or Alive actually problematic? I'm genuinely not sure and don't know enough about any of this to actually have an opinion on that (which is why I don't participate, see?). I have heard that Dead or Alive has a surprisingly large percentage of fans who are women, so if that is the case then who is the outrage around the franchise actually protecting? Truth be told, the breasts actually have gotten smaller over the years and the physics are far less bouncy than they used to be. Soul Calibur VI has bigger boobs now, and more revealing default costumes, but no one really bats an eye. 

This is probably all just going to get me in trouble when this project finally gets popular (any day now ...), isn't it? I just thought I should get it out of the way because I've already been doing Senran Kagura games and plan on doing at least a couple DOA Volleyball games and Rumble Roses and some others at some point. I don't like being labeled as something I'm not just because I don't get offended by video game breasts. 

For the record - Fuck Trump, Fuck the alt right, fuck the stupid wall, fuck guns, fuck racists. Is that clear enough or does it all get cancelled out because I don't mind attractive women in video games?