Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Eric Vs. 365 - Day 73 - Bully

Today's game is Rockstar's under-appreciated classic Bully for PS2. I've written before about how this is secretly Rockstar's best game and I'm willing to double and triple-down on that. Everything about it is just so darn charming and relate able and fun compared to R*'s other output, especially recently. This video is a real hoot, especially the ending. Click to read more and watch!

I think that even 13-years after its initial release there are still a lot of people who don't understand what Bully actually is. First, it isn't actually a game about being a bully. You're actually sort of a neutral force and spend more time helping the weak and bullied rather than picking on anyone. Of course, you can do bully-ish things if you want, but they stop being interesting or entertaining very quickly and you're encouraged to go do other more productive things. 

The other thing that people seem to not understand is that Bully takes place in a larger open world than it first appears. You start out locked inside the grounds of Bullworth Academy, but within an hour or so the gates open and you have access to a whole town. The town has a beachfront tourist area, a rich neighborhood, a downtown area, an industrial area, a carnival, and more. The world is packed with mini games and side missions and hidden collectibles and tons of stuff to do.

Bully is a "Be a kid in a small town" simulator much more than it ever was a bully simulator. Got it?

This video was fun to record and I hope I did a good enough job showing off why the game is fun. I had already beaten the game and was able to just run around and goof off in the endless summer mode. Be sure to stick around until the end. A perfect sequence of events happened that was freaking amazing.