Saturday, September 14, 2019

Eric Vs. 365 - Day 76 - The Crew 1

The Crew 2 improved on almost everything about The Crew 1 except the one thing that made the franchise distinct in the first place - the huge open world map of the United States. The open world got worse in The Crew 2 so just driving and taking a road trip wasn't nearly as fun. The Crew 1, on the other hand, is a great road trip simulator, which is what we did for day 76 of Eric Vs. 365. Watch as we drive from Seattle to Miami. Click for more.

Ubisoft deserves some praise for how The Crew 1 ultimately turned out. It started out pretty rough with poor handling cars and sort of ugly visuals, but they kept patching and fixing stuff until it is actually pretty solid now. It isn't as good looking and it doesn't drive as well as The Crew 2, but it is fine and can be a lot of fun depending on what you're looking for in a driving game. And it's definitely the better road trip game.

For this video I drove from Seattle to Miami. I honestly wasn't sure how long it was going to take, and if it would have gone too long we might not have actually made it to Miami just for time reasons. It turned out, though, that the map isn't nearly as huge as it seems. The in-game GPS says it is only 90-miles from Seattle to Miami, which I covered in about 45-minutes. Time sure flies when your cars are a Lamborghini, a Viper, and a Corvette.

The video didn't quite go how I planned in other ways, however. I expected that some portion of the video would take place at night, but it turned out to mostly be at night which, obviously, isn't great for viewers. I probably shouldn't have left Seattle in the evening, but I thought the day/night cycle was faster than this! I cranked up the brightness in the nighttime section, so you can still see what is going on. I considered re-recording it, but I think it turned out well enough.