Sunday, September 15, 2019

Eric Vs. 365 - Day 77 - Forsaken

For day 77 of Eric Vs. 365 we take a look at the Nightdive Studios remaster of Forsaken on Xbox One. Forsaken, at least on N64 (and PSOne, lolz) was a game well ahead of its time and it wasn't really meant for the controls and visuals of 1998. With the remastered version, however, we can finally experience Forsaken as it was meant to be and it is pretty spectacular. Click to read more and watch gameplay.

For a game I have always said I really liked, I haven't actually played very much of Forsaken. Not for a lack of trying, though, but more because the N64 version was really, really hard. I'd rent it and get 4-5 levels in and get stuck because it was brutal. I alays liked what I played, however, and the music has been burned into my brain ever since. 

Now that I can play it properly thanks to this remaster, I have been able to experience Forsaken for real and it is even more fun than it was in my rose tinted nostalgia. The graphics are sharp and clear so you can actually see what you're doing and the controls are 1000% better with dual analog on Xbox One than they ever were with that monstrosity of an N64 controller. Seriously, how did we ever play games on N64 with that controller?

Even with a real controller and sharp visuals, Forsaken is still tough as nails. I gleefully cheated in this video just to be able to show off as much as I could. I know I keep cheating in these games, especially N64 and other retro systems, but it's just way more fun. I miss cheat codes. I miss unlocking stuff. I miss mind-blowing secrets in games. We don't really have them anymore.

Anyways, this Forsaken video went fairly well. I'm semi-worried about people getting motion sickness from it, though. Watching gameplay of something like this is different from playing since your brain isn't associating the things it is seeing with what your body is doing, which can potentially give you simulator sickness. When you play it yourself your brain is like "I'm doing this intentionally" so you generally don't get sick. That obviously depends on the person and the game, but I do get motion sick in other games but not usually in Forsaken. I did start to feel sick towards the end of this video when I played a level that was under water. Being under water makes the movement slower and more sluggish and my brain started screaming "THIS DOESN'T FEEL RIGHT! BAIL OUT!" and I didn't feel so good. So, uh, sorry if you get barfy.