Monday, October 14, 2019

Eric Vs. 365 - Day 106 - DOOM '93

Not sure if you knew this, but the original Doom is still really freaking good. It's just mindless and satisfying demon blasting that stays out of your way and lets you have fun with it. Compared to "AAA" games today that ruin the pacing with sad dad cinematics and plodding gameplay, the original Doom is a breath of fast paced fresh air. Contrary to loud mouth dummies on the Internet, the 2019 console ports are just fine, too. Click to read more and watch gameplay.

I've been playing Doom for 25-years now. That's crazy. I first played it on my brother's PC back in the day. Then I played the SNES version (lol). Then I bought my own PC copy. Then Xbox 360. Now Xbox One. And it never gets old. It's always fun. It's always satisfying. It's always crazy. I love Doom.

Despite loving Doom, though, it wasn't until the 2019 release that I finally actually beat it. I only ever played through the first episode previously, for whatever reason, and didn't ever see the rest of the game. Well, now I've beaten it all. And it's mostly fantastic. 

One thing I want to say about the 2019 release is that I love that they included cheats built right into the menu. Doom and cheating go hand in hand - most oldschool gamers still have the PC cheats memorized for a reason ... - and finally being able to just tear through Doom on consoles with God Mode is kind of amazing. I beat the game without cheats first, of course, but for this video I cheated my ass off. 

One legitimate complaint people had with the 2019 ports is that the lighting was way off at launch, and they were right about that. That has since been fixed, though, and the levels are properly dark and spooky like they should be.