Friday, October 18, 2019

Eric Vs. 365 - Day 110 - Resident Evil 2 '98

Resident Evil 2 is still so freaking good you guys. We play the GameCube version of classic RE2 for today's super spooky edition of Eric Vs. 365 day 110. Why do we still love it so much? Why did we play this version? Find answers to these questions and much more in today's blog. Click to read and watch gameplay.

I miss classic Resident Evil both in the gameplay and presentation departments. I like the classic slower paced gameplay and don't even mind the tank controls. But what I really miss is the pre-rendered backgrounds and fixed camera angles. The original Resident Evil games, along with RPGs and loads of other stuff on PSX, used great looking pre-rendered backgrounds that looked mind blowingly good back in the late 90's and still look pretty darn good even today. I wish new games would use them, along with fixed camera angles. It would be amazing. Imagine razor sharp super detailed high res backgrounds with high poly characters. Unh unh unh oh yeah.

Confession time: I never beat any of the old RE games without cheating. I beat RE2 and 3 on PSX with Action Replay cheats (and RE2 on N64 had built in cheats). I beat RE4 on GameCube with GameShark cheats. I've never beaten Resident Evil 1 - though I do think the REmake is amazing - and never beat RE5 or 6 at all. I have beaten RE7 and the RE2 Remake legit, though, so I'm not a total wuss. I like horror, and I love zombies and the RE brand of zombies in particular, but don't really enjoy the stress of survival horror. Sit on it.

That brings us to why I played the GameCube version of RE2 for today's video. I originally wanted to play the N64 version because it has built in invincibility and unlimited ammo cheats, but RE2 doesn't play well with Project64. GameCube RE2 works perfectly with Dolphin, though, so that's what I played. This version also has an unlimited ammo cheat as well, so it worked out great. Really really great, actually. Resident Evil 2 is suddenly even more fun when you have unlimited crossbow or grenade launcher shots.

One other thing I want to add is that the video size changes in the video. It started off not quite full frame and I didn't notice until a few minutes in. Apologies for that, but it turned out fine. 

I had a lot of fun making this one. RE2 is definitely my favorite oldschool Resident Evil game and until the remake came out it was by far my favorite RE game overall. Yes, I like it much more than RE4 (more on that in a few days ...). The RE2 Remake is seriously amazing, though, which we'll also cover in a few days.