Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Eric Vs. 365 - Day 121 - Resident Evil 7

Today's game is Resident Evil 7 and it's still just as good as ever. Well, the first half is good, then it kind of goes to crap. That's sort of true for every Resident Evil game, but it really, really goes off the rails in 7. Click to read more and watch gameplay video.

I've kind of cooled a bit on Resident Evil 7 since I reviewed it 2 (almost 3) years ago. I gave it an 8 back then because the second half was such a slog. I'd probably still give it an 8, because the first chunk in the house with the crazy family is so, so amazing, but I'd definitely have more defined criticisms of the rest of the game. The boat and mines are just not fun or interesting compared to the house and the mold enemies are really, really freaking lame. I just want zombies, dammit!

The core gameplay of RE7 is still so "chef kiss" perfect, though. The switch to first-person was masterfully done and it just feels amazing to play. The perspective also really enhances the horror and makes it even scarier. I really love it still.

For this video I started with an old save that had some things unlocked - most notably the circular saw melee item. I thought that would be more fun than starting from the very beginning fresh - I already made a "First Hour of RE7" video in the past anyway. This vid starts after you escape from Jack after the dinner scene and get to the first save point in the laundry room. From there I fought Jack in the garage and venture into the creepy basement. That circular saw kind of saps the tension out of things, but that's fine. It was fun!