Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Eric Vs. 365 - Day 122 - Doom II

Cliffy B famously said that Gears of War 2 would be a "bigger, better, and more badass" sequel back in 2008, but 14-years before that id Software's Doom II was a living, breathing, pulsating proof of that very idea. Doom II did the only thing you really could do to top one of the greatest action games of all time, which was just to turn everything up to "11". The result was amazing and is our featured game for day 122 of Eric Vs. 365. Click to read more and watch.

Doom II is kind of a perfect sequel. They don't ease you back into Hell, like so many sequels do, and instead you're thrust right back into intense fights with powerful monsters right from the start. You get the good weapons and fight the the cool interesting enemy types within the first few levels, which is awesome. So many sequels basically start over from scratch and make you work your way back to the good stuff. Not Doom II. It is an actual continuation from where Doom 1 left off.

The best thing about Doom II is that the sheer volume of enemies is greatly increased, which makes the gameplay even more fun and intense. Rooms are just packed full of demons now and blasting your way through it is crazy fun. The level designs are also more clever as well and use unique puzzle gimmicks more often than just turning into bigger and more convoluted mazes. You kind of get tired of the mazes by the end of Doom 1, so it is nice that Doom II's levels are a little more thoughtful. The change of scenery from the moons of Mars to the streets of Earth is amazing as well.

Put it all together and you have, like I said, a perfect sequel. 

For this video I utilized the in-game cheats once again, just like I did for Doom 1. I beat these games legit already, so just running around and goofing off and having fun seemed like a better idea than doing the same boring normal run like everyone else does. I had a good time.