Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Eric Vs. 365 - Day 128 - LEGO Jurassic World

LEGO Jurassic World is the best LEGO game. The games before were arguably too simple and the games afterward were too bloated and complex. LEGO Jurassic World hit the sweet spot where the puzzles aren't too obtuse, the levels aren't too long, and the presentation is fantastic. Plus, it has dinosaurs in it, so of course it's good. Click to read more and watch gameplay right here.

I've talked about it before how I used to love the LEGO games but they have become too big and bloated over the years and aren't really fun anymore. LEGO Jurassic World was the last one I really enjoyed - so much so I got most of the achievements on Xbox 360 and Xbox One and am working my way through the PS4 version now. It's just such a good combination of movies I really love - Jurassic Park is my favorite movie ever - with smart level designs, puzzles that make sense, playable dinosaurs, good use of the license, and solid presentation. It's a ton of fun.

There are some rough spots, though. The mix of voice clips from the movies with new lines from different actors for the same character is pretty weird. This was also sort of the start of when the LEGO games started to get too bloated as there are way too many unique abilities spread between the characters and some of them are just dumb. Ellie's ability is to dig through piles of dino poop, for crap's sake! The way they game-ified some of the key set pieces from the movies aren't exactly ideal, either. Wow, that all sounds harsh for a game I love, but I criticize BECAUSE I love, you see.

For this video I focused on the pivotal scene from the first movie where the T-Rex attacks the tour cars after the power goes out. This is one of the coolest scenes in the franchise and they did a good job of turning it into a kid-friendly LEGO game scene. 

I also want to say that I'm one of those dirty weirdoes who like my dinosaurs scaly - few or no feathers - and Pluto is still a planet. I blame Jurassic Park for ruining real dinosaurs for me, but I want them to look and sound like they do in these movies and don't care if that wasn't reality.