Saturday, November 16, 2019

Eric Vs. 365 - Day 139 - The Lost World (SEGA Genesis)

Our final journey down the retro Jurassic Park game rabbit hole is The Lost World for SEGA Genesis. It's a top down adventure like the Ocean Software NES and SNES games instead of a 2D platformer, which makes it the best SEGA JP game by default, but it has some other unique surprises as well. Click to read more and watch gameplay.

The Lost World for SEGA Genesis was developed by Appaloosa Interactive, who also made the PS1 and SEGA Saturn The Lost World, and published by SEGA. Unlike the 32-bit The Lost World game, however, this SEGA Genesis exclusive was a top down open world adventure instead of a platformer. It came out in 1997, which was ridiculously late in the Genesis life cycle. 

I kind of dig it. It is very much like the NES and SNES adventure-style Jurassic Park games where you walk around the island, Isla Sorna this time, of course, and explore and shoot dinosaurs (and many mans for some reason) and do missions. There isn't a ton of variety - most of the game is bright green over world or dimly lit caves - but it's pretty fun all things considered. There are multiple weapons and environmental puzzles to figure out and lots of dinosaurs, so it's cool. It also has some really impressive vehicle segments where you're riding a motorcycle from a first-person perspective while chasing raptors or driving a Jeep towards the camera while a T-Rex chases you. It's really neat and mind-blowing that it was from 1997 on the SEGA freaking Genesis.

This was my first time playing the game so I only got a couple of levels into it and didn't get to the vehicle sections. You can also find vehicles and drive them in the normal levels too, though, which I do show off briefly in the video. 

I had a good time with it. I still prefer the Ocean Software NES and SNES games, but The Lost World on Genesis was clearly the best JP title on SEGA systems. 

It has some of the worst box art ever, though. Bright green background with hastily cut out T-Rex head is about as lazy as you can get.