Monday, November 18, 2019

Eric Vs. 365 - Day 141 - Quake II (X360)

Hi kids. Did you know that Quake II was released on Xbox 360 way back in November 2005 and it was the first 1080p / 60FPS remaster? It was a great port, too, but only available if you bought the less than great Quake 4. Learn more about Quake II on X360 and watch gameplay right here.

Quake 4 was an Xbox 360 launch title back in November 2005 and included a special bonus disc that had making of vids, artwork, promo trailers, and more. Oh, and a port of Quake II. As far as I can tell, the bonus disc was only available with the first run of the game and wasn't included in subsequent re-prints from Activision or, later, Bethesda. I don't know how many discs are out there, but it is certainly only a fraction of the total number of copies of Quake 4 that were sold. 

If you want the Quake 4 Bonus Disc so you can play Quake II on your Xbox 360 you need to pay close attention to any Amazon or eBay listings to make sure you're actually getting the bonus disc. Most of the time people are only selling Quake 4 by itself. Make sure that the listing specifically mentions the bonus disc. Getting the bonus disc will likely cost 3x more than just Quake 4 by itself, but it should still be less than $20. 

And I would say it's worth it. The game looks fantastic and sharp and plays like a dream. The dual analog controls on Xbox 360 feel great. I know PC gamers will pooh pooh it, but for folks that only had access to the N64 or (gag) PS1 ports of Quake II, this 360 port is a good way to experience a great game. The only bad thing about it is the menu is ridiculously slow and the load times are weirdly long. Once you're in the game proper, though, it's smooth.

I have to admit that my only real experience with Quake II prior to this was the N64 version, which wasn't even "really" Quake II at all and was instead a mishmash of parts of PC levels and new unique levels. The gameplay was the same, though, and I didn't know any better, so I loved it. Playing that version now, though, kinda sucks because the N64 controller blows nuts. It looks surprisingly good, though, thanks to new lighting tech made possible by the N64 Expansion Pack that made the game more colorful and "pop" a little more. 

Anyways, Quake II is good. I'd like a new proper single-player Quake but Bethesda seems more interested in Quake multiplayer at the moment.

I'll probably also do a Quake 4 blog and vid some day in the future.