Sunday, November 24, 2019

Eric Vs. 365 - Day 147 - Tetris Attack

Day 147 of Eric Vs. 365 features Tetris Attack for SNES. Not much to say other than it's an all time classic and a fun game all around. We talk about its history, and our history with it, right here. Click for more and to watch gameplay.

Tetris Attack is a good ol' SNES puzzle game. Originally released in Japan as Panel de Pon, it was re-skinned with Yoshi and pals and re-released worldwide to try to secure a larger audience. Despite the "Tetris" in the title it has nothing to do with Tetris and was only called that because Nintendo had the license to use the name and wanted the brand recognition. It was later re-skinned again for N64 and called Pokemon Puzzle League.

My personal history with Tetris Attack is pretty minimal, to be honest. I never played it on an actual SNES and only ever played it later as an adult via emulation. I played a lot more Pokemon Puzzle League and did own 2 copies (by accident) of that cartridge, however. I always liked puzzle games, and loved Tetris, and I think the reason why I never played Tetris Attack as a kid was because it 1. looked too cutesy, and 2, wasn't actually Tetris. I love it now, of course, but clearly Nintendo's plan to attract a wider audience didn't work on me back in the 90's. 

As far as gameplay, I honestly have no idea what high level Tetris Attack gameplay even looks like. I just sort of play to survive as long as possible. I suppose chaining combos together is the idea, but I've never been able to think that far ahead, which is why I'm bad at Poyo Pop (and chess ...). I always just react instead of plan anything ahead. Oh well.

I think the video is fairly entertaining. I have to dig out of a pretty severe stack and perform fairly brilliantly, but the game is at a pretty low level so it isn't especially impressive. It was definitely fun, though!