Saturday, November 30, 2019

Eric Vs. 365 - Day 153 - Sexy Parodius

You've never clicked on a link faster than you just did for Sexy Parodius. And now you'll be disappointed that it isn't actually sexy. That's OK, though, because it is a pretty solid and silly JP exclusive PS1 shoot-em-up that was worth the click anyway. It's Gradius with occasional anime girls, and that's just fine. Keep reading for more and to watch gameplay.

Yeah, Sexy Parodius is disappointingly un-sexy, but it is a very fun shmup. The Parodius games are made by Konami and the Gradius team and they're just light-hearted and silly and goofy shmups with identical gameplay to Gradius. You get the whole package - speed, missile, etc. upgrades, options, giant bosses, bullet hell - it's all good. Sexy Parodius swaps the serious tone and sci-fi stuff for silly gags and half-naked anime girls. I dig it.

I, uh, also cheat my ass off to play through the game. My intention was to show off the game, and the sexy bits, so I don't really care about cheating. You can't really show off a game if you die in the second level constantly. These games get ridiculously hard pretty early on, so I feel no shame. If you don't like it, you've come to the wrong neighborhood, friend.

Sexy Parodius was released in Japan for PS1 and SEGA Saturn and is pretty expensive if you'd like to pick up a physical copy these days. You could also, y'know, sail the high seas and acquire it another way, though, which I did. Again, emulating old games that the original creators can't make money off of anymore is perfectly acceptable to me. Screw re-sellers.