Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Eric Vs. 365 - Day 156 - Star Wars: Republic Commando

When Disney took over Star Wars they ruined it long before they even started pumping out mediocre movies. They ruined it in 2014 at the moment they decided that only the six current movies and Clone Wars TV show were canon and everything else was thrown out of the window. The strength of Star Wars going forward should have been that there were an infinite number of stories to tell in that universe, but instead Disney decided that only stories that were Skywalker-adjacent were worth remembering. That sucks. Today's game is one of those stories that got shoved off to the side - Star Wars Republic Commando for Xbox. Keep reading for more info and to watch gameplay.

Star Wars: Republic Commando is a very unique game in the Star Wars universe. There's no Jedi, or Han, or Luke, or any of the flashy stuff. It is a dark and gritty tactical FPS about a specially trained squad of Clone Troopers doing all of the dirty work on the front lines and well beyond into enemy territory during the Clone Wars. It's awesome. It plays great. It looks great still (especially on Xbox One). And it tells a great story. Republic Commando was just fantastic.

Back to being bitter about Disney ruining everything, though. I am an oldschool Star Wars fan who grew up in the 90's at the height of the expanded universe. I read almost every book that came out - I had something like 50+ paperbacks - and loved them. Of course, once we got into the prequel era and all of the books shifted towards that I stopped reading. I don't even mind the prequels, but I just didn't care as much. The stories of Luke and Han and Leia, but also new characters like Corran Horn and Mara Jade and Grand Admiral Thrawn in the decades after the Battle of Endor were much more compelling. 

Then Disney came along and wiped all of that away and rebooted the post Battle of Endor universe with ... the same exact story as A New Hope. At least the prequels had new stories to tell. By telling the same story, just 30-years later, it felt like everything the Rebellion accomplished was all for naught and the sacrifices everyone made were pointless. I'll say it again - That Sucks.

So I'm just going to keep trucking along with my own head canon and not worry about it too much. Just like Pluto is still a planet and dinosaurs always looked like they do in "Jurassic Park".