Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Eric Vs. 365 - Day 170 - 007 Agent Under Fire

007 Agent Under Fire is sort of the first game that EA decided to really get serious about James Bond after its first couple of games sort of floundered a bit. Featuring an original story, Agent Under Fire nails the feel of Bond without being weighed down with a clunky movie script. The result is pretty solid. OK gameplay, OK presentation, OK everything. That's OK! Read on for more and to watch gameplay.

Agent Under Fire, like pretty much all of these PS1 to early PS2-era Bond games, is another one I didn't play at the time. Why would I bother when everyone just told me how crap they were because they weren't exactly like GoldenEye? So I just never bothered. Playing them now, in 2019, reveals a different story. They're all pretty much fine. They play good and have lots of Bond-ness going on. Agent Under Fire is no exception. It's fine.

Not great. Or memorable. Or anything so glowing, but it's definitely fine. It does a good job of mixing gadgets with the good ol' rooty tooty shooty shooty - that Bond isn't actually really about but they kept doing in games for some reason - and its fun. Throw in some car chase levels - both with you driving as well as shooting as an A.I. drives - and you have a pretty good time. 

Interestingly enough, this game does not actually feature Pierce Brosnan who played James Bond at the time. Which is probably why the face on the cover is darkened so people couldn't tell, now that I actually think about it ... Instead the game uses a different look-a-like actor for the likeness and another one for the voice. When I played it I assumed it was supposed to be Brosnan (definitely not the voice ... but that was to be expected) and was quite surprised when I looked it up on Wikipedia. 

Anyways, Agent Under Fire is OK. I did a couple funny edits for the video because the cutscenes were just so awkward I couldn't resist.