Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Eric Vs. 365 - Day 171 - 007 Nightfire

Maybe it's just the Dolphin magic working on it, but 007 Nightfire really impressed me with how good it looks for a freaking 2002 GameCube game. It's clean and sharp and has great lighting and just looks good. Not the characters so much - they look like horrible monsters - but the environments and special effects are fantastic. I was genuinely impressed. The gameplay is pretty solid too. Read on for more and to watch gameplay of 007 Nightfire.

Nightfire is another original Bond story and is a direct follow-up to 007 Agent Under Fire. This time around they actually got Pierce Brosnan's likeness (because they had to promote "Die Another Day" somehow) but not his voice. I, uh, couldn't tell you what the plot is. 

Gameplay-wise, the game is solid. The opening level is a cinematic on-rails segment where you just shoot when the game tells you to, but it works well. Then you're off to sneak into a fancy party at a snowy castle and the real game begins. You start by infiltrating the castle - either stealthily or by force - (I chose the loud way) and it feels good. The shooting is fine and it's generally solid. It doesn't really make sense that you can shoot dozens of dudes outside and then waltz into the party, but video games. 

Once you're inside, the game takes away your weapons and you have to actually be a suave and sophisticated spy for, as far as I can remember, the only time in a James Bond game ever. You walk around and talk to people, all the while trying to find your target and any other dirt you can dig up. It's kind of awesome even if the women are all disgusting looking stick figures with big boobs and they're all wearing the same dress.

As mentioned above, I was really impressed with how good the game can look. It's nice. Maybe it all falls apart in the rest of the game, but damn the first couple levels look good.

For this video I just sort of derped around and clumsily shot my way into the castle. Then at the party I really had fun and started using Bond's secret spy camera to take pictures of boobs. Sorry. Not Sorry.