Thursday, December 19, 2019

Eric Vs. 365 - Day 172 - 007 Racing

007 Racing sure seems like a good idea on paper. The Bond franchise is full of awesome cars and memorable characters, so slapping them into a kart racer or something is pretty obvious. That isn't what they did, though. Instead, it's more like a normal mission-based Bond game except Bond is forbidden from getting out of his car, so you just drive around instead. It's ... not good. Read on for more and to watch gameplay.

I suppose Danjaq (the company that controls the Bond rights) probably thought a cartoony kart racer would have been too childish or disrespectful or something - cause they're a bunch of uptight a-holes - but the serious and boring 007 Racing we ended up with just plain sucks. 

007 Racing is a mission-based game with strict requirements that ruin all of the fun. You're essentially along for the ride as you complete each mission exactly like the game wants you to with no room for experimentation or fun. Or there are time limits with such tight timing that you can't make a single mistake or you'll fail. The terrible controls make doing anything much harder than it should be as well. Top that with what has to be the grand champion of all PS1 texture warping - PS1 textures warp like crazy, everyone knows this, but 007 Racing is freaking nuts - and you have a real crap sandwich.

The game also has horrendous looking cutscenes with disgusting skeleton women that all look frightening instead of sexy. 

This game is a mess.