Thursday, December 26, 2019

Eric Vs. 365 - Day 179 - My Friend Pedro

I don't really "get" Devolver Digital. They're like an edgy meme in video game publisher form. They put out games that are funny and look interesting in trailers but they're almost always shallow and boring outside of their key joke or gimmick. Once the funny ha ha memes joke wears off, after about five minutes, then you're stuck with a so-so game that isn't fun anymore. Just like today's game - My Friend Pedro. Read on for more and watch.

I'm not saying that literally everything Devolver publishes is a shallow meme game that isn't worth the hype and attention they always get from the expertly produced trailers. Of course not. Just most of it. Like, 85%. But people see the flashy trailers and squee and clap their feet together like morons which only encourages Devolver to keep pumping out OK games. I should also clarify, I guess, that I don't think most of Devolver's stuff is bad. No, it's almost always "fine". What I'm saying is that "fine" isn't worth the attention they get. That's all.

Take My Friend Pedro. Ha ha funny talking banana and crazy violent gameplay! So meme-y! But it's.... boring. It stops being interesting fairly quickly but the game just goes on and on and on. They do throw new mechanics at you like gas cans or bouncing bullets off of frying pans and you can mix up your murder spree a little bit if you have some imagination, but it's still very one note and shallow. The second half of the game turns into bad platforming garbage nonsense, too, which sucks all of the fun out of it. Of course, they didn't show any of that in the trailers.

I played My Friend Pedro via Xbox Game Pass and it's fine-ish. Okay-ish. Worth playing for free-ish. Sorry I'm just not stupid and easily impressed like everyone else.