Friday, January 3, 2020

Eric Vs. 365 - Day 187 - Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Scarlet

It's not really acceptable to enjoy fanservice for fanservice's sake on the Internet anymore, and that's sad. People call you names and make assumptions about you because it's all a big game now to get offended about everything and tear everyone else down that doesn't want to participate in the Olympic-level mental gymnastics competition. Yeah, I don't give a crap. Here's the first installment of what I'm calling "Fanservice Friday", Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Scarlet for PS4. Read on for more and to watch gameplay.

I love Dead or Alive Xtreme. I've loved it from the first Xbox exclusive entry and eventually getting DOAX3 was a big reason why I bought a PS4. I like the graphics. And, yeah, I like the girls. I also, as incredible as it may sound, really like the actual volleyball gameplay. These games are fun. I do also have to admit, though, that if the visuals weren't so crazy over the top I probably wouldn't be playing them. 

The one aspect of the game that is a total waste of time, though, is the frustrating dating sim element where you have to buy the other girls all of their favorite things in order to make them want to partner up with you or wear the swimsuits you give them. This sucks. This has always sucked. It is so convoluted and ridiculous and not fun. Why can't we just play dress up with our pretty dolls without jumping through hoops? The "Owner" mode and "Girl" mode nonsense in DOAX3 is also really ridiculous and adds yet another layer of complication that the game didn't need. They could have been making the volleyball better and adding other mini games and stuff to do, but instead they doubled down on the dating sim stuff. 

It's clearly a matter of cultural differences. Japanese players enjoy these things, which is why dating sims and visual novels are so popular there but confined to a very small niche in the USA. Those cultural differences are also why DOAX3 was never released in America. A vocal minority decided for us that we're all woke now and hate boobs, but Japan doesn't see the big deal. 

That isn't to say that Japan isn't woefully behind on a lot of social issues, but big boobies in video games is pretty far down the list of stuff to be worried about. It's an incredibly easy target in the USA, though, so instead of gun violence or racism or classism or the fact we a fucking moron in the White House, people would rather call you names on the Internet because you like boobs.

I imported my copy of DOAX3 Scarlet from They occasionally have sales on it - I got mine for $40 - but most of the time it costs more. And it certainly costs more if you buy on Amazon or eBay.  The voices are all in Japanese, but the menus and text can be all in English. Almost as if they knew people would want to import it ...