Saturday, January 18, 2020

Eric Vs. 365 - Day 202 - Horizon Chase Turbo

Horizon Chase Turbo is the best arcade racer of the PS4 / Xbox One generation. It kind of wins by default, since there are so few others, but also because most of the other big name racing series - Forza Horizon, Need for Speed - are more sim-cade than true arcade racers. Horizon Chase Turbo does more than enough on its own to take the title, though, with fun and addictive gameplay, gorgeous visuals, and an amazing soundtrack. Arcade race fans need to play this. Read more and watch right here.

I reviewed Horizon Chase Turbo when it came out in May 2018. Please read that article for more details on how everything works. 

Horizon Chase Turbo is just ... just ... I mean, freaking LOOK at it. It looks like an oldschool Top Gear SNES game brought to glorious polygonal life. There are tons of cars and tons of levels in locales all around the world and there is different lighting and special effects and weather on every track. It's beautiful. And it sounds amazing too with one of the best soundtracks of the generation. 

It plays really well, too, though it is sort of weird to explain. You see, it isn't so much that you're really racing the track as much as you're dodging the other cars that are out there. You do still have to manually make the turns, of course, but the tracks generally aren't all that taxing to navigate. Instead the challenge comes from avoiding other cars and managing your fuel and nitro boosts. It sounds simple - and it kind of is - but it's incredibly fun and addictive and the controls are responsive and it's just wonderful. And it does get more difficult the further into the 100+ tracks you get. Like, a lot more difficult. But you keep playing because you want to see what glorious new visuals you'll see next and what crazy cars you can unlock.

It's brilliant and perfect and the best arcade racer you can buy right now.