Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Eric Vs. 365 - Day 205 - Crash Bandicoot Warped

After playing the three Crash Bandicoot games via the N-Sane Trilogy I have come to a conclusion - I don't think I like Crash very much. Yes, I put on a brave front and tried to like them and maybe even pretended to like them, but now that I've had my fill I just don't think I like it much. Unlike my intense hatred of Sonic, which is because Sonic games actually freaking suck, my dislike of Crash has more to do with my general apathy towards 2D platformers rather than anything the games themselves do particularly wrong. That feels good to finally say. Read more and watch Crash Bandicoot (3) Warped gameplay right here.

Man I hate Sonic. I know this is a Crash article, but the similarities between Crash and Sonic are too hard to ignore. Both of them started with a beloved trilogy of games and when they moved to 3D they sucked and never recovered. They both have kart racing games that I like exponentially more than the platformers. Because I freaking hate Sonic platformers and Crash just seems sort of "OK" so I don't really get it.
I just don't like platformers that much. Games like Crash in particular are frustrating to me because you can barely see ahead of you so there is a lot of trial and error as you learn the level layouts. There's always one "correct" way to go through each level, as well, which I don't really enjoy. Compared to something like Mario (talking about 2D Mario here) where there's tons of variables in how you can tackle each level, Crash just seems boring and repetitive. 

I keep saying Crash is a 2D platformer, because it is. There may be levels where you have a little more movement, but you're still stuck on a narrow linear path. It's a 2D platformer from a different perspective. 

So there it is. I don't like Crash Bandicoot. I thought I would after watching Oney Plays on YouTube go nuts about it and have a ton of fun with the series, but it isn't for me. I guess my instincts as a 14 year old Nintendo fanboy where I thought Crash looked boring were right all along.