Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Eric Vs. 365 - Day 206 - NItroplus Blasterz

Nitroplus Blasterz had me at "all girl fighting game" even though I don't really know most of what Nitroplus does. I know Steins;Gate and Chaos;Head and Super Sonico and I know who Saber is, and that's pretty much it. As you can imagine, I stuck with what I know and used Super Sonico as my character. Let's just say, I wasn't disappointed. Read more on Nitroplus Blasters: Heroines Infinite Duel and watch gameplay here.

I actually super love Super Sonico. She's an amazing character who not only looks freaking amazing, but has a good personality and is a good person, too. If you like (hot) cute girls doing cute things and great music, watch the Super Sonico anime. It's great. It also, somewhat surprisingly, doesn't just draw the girls with stick figure bodies and giant boobs. They have giant boobs, yes, but they have glorious thick thighs and kind of "normal" bodies to go with them which is much more realistic compared to 99% of anime girls. The game doesn't draw Sonico quite as thick as the anime does, which is disappointing.
The game itself is interesting. I apologize for honestly (and obviously) not really "getting" it, but I had fun. So many of these anime fighting games are just screen filling nonsense, though, which is both a good and bad thing. Novice players can mash buttons and make cool looking stuff happen but there is a lot of depth there for experienced players to take advantage of. I don't have time to get good at any of them, unfortunately.

But I did have fun with it. Super Sonico's attacks all involve her lovely group of cats - Tasty, Roasted, Fishcake, Noodles, and Porky - as she basically throws the cats at her opponent and lets them do the work. This is freaking hilarious, just don't tell PETA. 

Nitroplus Blasterz is constantly on sale on PS4, so give it a try.