Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Eric Vs. 365 - Day 213 - Nekopara Vol. 1

Nekopara is weird, man. It's something I definitely like on the surface level, but there's so much creepy crap lingering throughout it that it's hard to really embrace it fully. Thankfully, the console versions are incredibly tame compared to the uncensored PC version, so you can mostly enjoy your cute catgirls without feeling (too) creepy. Read more and watch gameplay right here.

When I reviewed Nekopara Vol. 1 for PS4 I said it was "... not just a half-assed smut delivery device with little effort put in" and I stand by that. They actually put in work. The game looks and sounds fantastic and the character artwork is excellent. These catgirls are freaking adorable. It's hard to ignore the underlying creepy context of it all - raising these little adorable catgirls like they're practically your daughters only to end up banging them - but at least on consoles it mostly leaves all of that to your own imagination by implying it happens rather than showing it like on PC. Yeah, these games are messed up. 
But I just really, really like catgirls. I love cats. I love girls. I love anime girls. Combine it all together and you have god's most perfect creation. Or something. Also, check out the "Cat Planet Cuties" anime for less creepy catgirl fun. 

Speaking of anime, Nekopara now has an anime of its own that seems like a better, slightly less creepy (maybe) way to enjoy the series.

Wow, this turned out weird.