Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Eric Vs. 365 - Day 220 - Akiba's Trip

Like most of the PS4's infamous fanservice games lineup, Akiba's Trip is another big disappointment. It sure sounds like a game I'd like, seeing as it's a game about exploring Akihabara and fighting enemies by stripping their clothes off, but it isn't especially satisfying in either of those things. It's just yet another bland boring not sexy game with an unearned reputation spread by people that obviously never actually played it. Read more and watch gameplay here.

The title of the game pretty much spells it out - Akiba's Trip - it's a trip to Akiba, and you strip people in Akiba. The premise is about ... uh, stupid anime nonsense where a bad company is turning people into slaves and the only way to save them is by stripping off their clothes during combat because they're all nerds who can't stand direct exposure to sunlight. Or something. It's freaking dumb and I didn't pay attention. 

The gameplay is just bog standard button mashing third-person melee combat. It's really, really boring. It's slow and clunky and not satisfying and it's awful. Once you beat someone up enough you can then start pulling off their clothes, but this is about as not sexy as possible. One, because it's all censored (of course) and two, because it's just not sexy to begin with. The character models do look good at least.

The other half of the game is exploring Akihabara and this is lackluster as well. There are actually 100+ real shops that you can enter and buy stuff at, and the map is fairly accurate (or so I've heard, I don't know) but it doens't really have any of the atmosphere or excitement of actually being at the center of Japanese nerd culture. It's so sterile and the streets are empty and it's just lame. There are quite a few references to other games and anime and stuff scattered around if you look but, meh.

Yeah, Akiba's Trip sucks. It does do one good thing, though, and that is the fact it has a mode that just unlocks everything right from the start so you can get good costumes and good weapons and tear through stuff and have fun right from the start. It's a shame the gameplay isn't more interesting or the stripping isn't more satisfying, though.