Friday, February 21, 2020

Eric Vs. 365 - Day 236 - Rabi Ribi

Today's game is Rabi Ribi, an awesome 2D platformer / RPG / Metroidvania / bullet hell (yes) on PS4 that fans of any of those genres should check out. It has great 16-bit presentation, too. The only problem is that it has sexy anime girl artwork that will immediately turn off certain folks and put them on their soap box to start lecturing the rest of us on what we're allowed to enjoy. That's a rant for a different blog, though. Today's blog is about something else. Click to find out what I mean and watch Rabi Ribi gameplay.

I liked Rabi Ribi a lot back when it came out and gave it a great 9/10 review. Go read that if you want to know more about Rabi Ribi.

This blog, instead, is going to be about a complaint I have with a lot of indie games - Stop using sexy anime girl artwork when the actual game has nothing to do with sexy anime girls. Look at PSN or the Xbox marketplace and see how many games have a sexy anime girl in the artwork. Tons and tons and tons. Then look at the actual game and they're mostly some dumb ass 2D platformer with potato graphics that don't look anything like the promo art. I freaking hate this.

It's obvious why they do it - it gets people to click on their game and at least look at it. And it works. I fall for it ... pretty much every time.

I guess the flip side to this is that the games that actually do have sexy anime girls in them - mostly on PS4 - all turn out to be visual novels or the same awful GUST 3D action RPG thing they keep cranking out. I don't really want these, either.

At least we have Dead or Alive and Senran Kagura to keep me happy.