Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Eric Vs. 365 - Day 247 - Family Guy (PS2)

Hey Lois, remember the time we played the Family Guy game for PS2? Freakin' sweet. But it wasn't freakin' sweet. It wasn't freakin' sweet at all. Actually, it freakin' sucks. Here's another throwback to the days when every popular license needed a video game but no one wanted to actually spend the money or time or effort to make it good. Read more and watch gameplay below.

Family Guy's original run was from 1999 to 2002, at which point it was cancelled. After DVD sales exceeded expectations, Fox brought the show back in 2005. In total, there have been 342 episodes as of this writing. Three-hundred-and-forty-two god forsaken episodes of this trash pile. Holy crap, Lois! I mean, I liked it. I watched it. Much like The Simpsons, the first season is awful, the next 3-5 are solid, and then it hung around for way, way, way too long. 

The Family Guy PS2 game was released in 2006, which means it came out mostly within the time frame when the show was still fairly decent. This was back when Stewie was still a genius who wanted to take over the world, which is sort of the plot of the game? Maybe? I'll be honest, I have no idea. I only played up to literally where I got in the video and then deleted it. This game is garbage.

It's a mediocre 3D action / platformer that blows nuts. It controls badly and isn't interesting to say. It can be funny, though, as they got the voice actors from the show and there are a lot of familiar jokes and sight gags. That's kind of a problem, though, because EVERYTHING is too familiar. They literally just re-hash jokes word for word from the show in the game. That's lame. This game is lame.

Apologies for the bad Peter impressions in the video. It's just so easy to do, though!