Sunday, March 15, 2020

Eric Vs. 365 - Day 259 - Dead Rising 4

Ever notice how people always start with "I'm a huge Dead Rising fan" before crapping all over Dead Rising 3 and 4 and trying to convince everyone how awful they are? Yeah, you aren't a real fan, ass face. I'm sorry, that was harsh, but I'm getting really tired of people pretending they're talking on behalf of "the fans" when in reality they're just a very vocal minority. Just shut up and let people enjoy things! Today's game is Dead Rising 4, by the way. Read more and watch gameplay here.

Dead Rising 4 is far from perfect. Dead Rising 1 is still by far the best entry in the series and Dead Rising 4 isn't really even close. But that doesn't mean Dead Rising 4 is bad. Maybe I just don't understand why other people liked Dead Rising in the first place, because for me the story was always dumb, and Frank was always lame, but killing zombies was super fun. Well, Dead Rising 4 gives you more unique ways to kill zombies than any other game and the sheer numbers of zombies out in the world is freaking impressive as hell. 

Yet people say it plays bad. Or they "ruined" Frank. Or the lack of a countdown timer makes everything irrelevant. Or the gameplay is somehow worse (it isn't). Or that the map is bad. Or whatever. Like I said above, I don't know what people liked about Dead Rising in the first place if this is the stuff they nitpick and decide is bad enough the game is irredeemable trash. Honestly, I think people had a hate boner for Dead Rising 4 because it was an Xbox One exclusive for a year and it's easier to make up bad excuses for not playing something than to admit you're just a fanboy.

Gamers do this all the time where if one thing is good, that means everything else is shit. That isn't how any of this works, you morons. It's OK to like lots of things. It's also OK to like things that are just OK, too. Not everything is a 0 or a 10 (try telling that to people doing user reviews ... lolz). 

I also want to touch back on what I said in the opening paragraph about people speaking on behalf of "the fans". Shut up. Your fandom is not my fandom. You don't speak for me or for anyone else, for that matter. You speak just for you and you're a nobody just like everyone else.