Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Eric Vs. 365 - Day - 262 - God Eater Resurrection

Hunting giant scary monsters with cute little anime waifus sounds like a dream game to me. Too bad Monster Hunter is so slow and clunky and boring ... Good thing God Eater also exists and is more in line with what I want. Did I just throw Monster Hunter under the bus? Kind of. Sorry. I don't really mean it, since I haven't played much Monster Hunter, but it wasn't really for me. God Eater Resurrection, on the other hand, hooked me right away. Read more and watch gameplay here.

God Eater Resurrection is a PS4 port of a PSP game, so it has some limitations right off the bat. The environments are pretty simple and ugly, but the monsters look OK and the characters look great. The game has a solid anime character creator so you can make a cute waifu to go on fun adventures with, so I'm down with it. The PSP origins of the game also shine through in how simple most of the missions seem to be - go to empty area, fight a small handful of monsters, warp back to base. I hope / assume that by the time they got to a console-only God Eater 3 things got a little more dynamic and interesting.

The game is still fun despite the fairly simple ... everything. The gameplay is satisfying hack and slash mixed with projectiles and learning how to fight each enemy - because every monster has unique weaknesses - is fascinating. Like I said, I assume God Eater 3 is probably going to be more fleshed out and interesting, so I'll probably skip directly to that one next.

And I'm interesting in how it all links to Code Vein, which I also have but haven't gotten around to playing yet.