Thursday, March 19, 2020

Eric Vs. 365 - Day 263 - Dark Souls Remastered

Dark Souls fans are douchebags. Not "ALL" fans, of course, but you know the type I'm talking about. The ones that tell you you're playing it wrong no matter what you're doing. The ones that insist you can't summon. The ones that love (bullying) invading other players. They think they're helping but they've done more damage to the perception of the franchise than anything. I'm calling you douchebags out. Read more and watch gameplay here.

Dark Souls is a hard game your first couple of times through. You do eventually learn how everything works and it does become "easy" after a while, but until then it is a massive struggle. So why do we have dumb ass douchebags in every Dark Souls discussion trying their damnedest to convince new players "actually, the game is super easy"? Holy crap! Shut up you morons! All you're doing is scaring people off because they get frustrated since the game isn't easy like you say and then they never bother to play again. "Git gud" is the fucking worst advice ever. 

And if they don't tell people to just git gud, their next set of advice is always terrible. Don't use this weapon. Don't level up this way. Don't use this armor. If you summon help you're doing it wrong. Don't look up tips / help / solutions to anything. YOU'RE NOT HELPING! There is certainly a place for big swingin' dick hardcore Dark Souls naked soul level 1 bullshit out there, but telling all of this crap to new players is just going to drive them away. 

That type of hardcore Dark Souls fans that want everyone to do things the hard way remind of me learning to play guitar. People that learned to play guitar with a teacher and had to do all of the repetitive lessons and grind through months of boring crap before they starting playing actual music hate the fact that other people can practice a few chords and find some tabs online and learn in a much faster and more fun way. So those guitar lesson people give everyone else terrible advice and tell you you're doing it wrong because they want everyone to have to suffer the same way they did. Jeez, shut up assholes.

The worst Dark Souls fans are definitely the ones that are hardcore into invading other players. Invasions are the absolute worst part of Dark Souls. The games are already hard enough, but now you have some jackass hardcore bully invading and ruining your fun. They always say "It's part of the game so you have to learn to deal with it". Nah, fuck you. If you could turn off invasions but leave all of the other online stuff intact, 95% of players would turn that shit off immediately. Geeks and nerds always love to talk about how they're bullied and belittled in the real world, but they're a bunch of hypocrites when they turn around and bully other people the first chance they get. And invasions are absolutely bullying - intentionally picking on weaker players to make yourself feel good.

I LOVE Dark Souls, but I freaking hate the fanbase.