Saturday, April 11, 2020

Eric Vs. 365 - Day 286 - Snakeybus

The latest YouTube meme bait game is here in Snakeybus! Except it's more than a meme game as it's actually super strategic and fun along with having a silly concept. Hey Mikey, we likes it! Read more and watch gameplay here.

Snakeybus is a modernization of the classic phone game Snake where you controlled a little pixel snake that got longer and longer and you had to avoid letting it touch itself. Snakeybus takes that concept and puts it in the real world - now you're a bus in a city and the bus gets longer every time you drop off passengers at their destination. The only difference in Snakeybus is that you can actually run into your own tail with no penalty as the game only ends when your bus stops moving completely. 

At first, Snakeybus seems kind of boring because it takes a while to get going. All of the promo materials for the game show a miles long bus winding all over a city, but it takes a few minutes to get there. Once you do, though, suddenly the game gets interesting. You have to make an actual strategy about what paths to take in order to keep your bus flowing around the city without pinching yourself off into a bottleneck that you can't get out of, which is surprisingly thrilling. The level designs are also really well done, too, as each city is wildly different and there are other levels too that all offer something unique to how you have to play the game. 

It's really fun all in all. It's $12, which is totally fair, I think. It also has really, really easy achievements so you can bang out 1000/1000 Gamerscore on Xbox in just an hour or so. 

Snakeybus really seems like a shallow YouTuber / Twitch bait game (and, look, every YouTuber made a video about it with their big dumb ugly giant distorted face on the thumbnails ... LOOK AT THEM THEY'RE EVERYWHERE LIKE CONTENT CREATING ZOMBIES WITH NO ACTUAL PERSONALITY OR CREATIVITY OF THEIR OWN), but it actually rocks. Give it a try.