Thursday, April 16, 2020

Eric Vs. 365 - Day 291 - WWE 2K20

How the heck did WWE 2K20 get released? Don't answer that. We all know the reason why is that Take Two had a contract to meet and a release slot to fill, so a game was coming out regardless. But, seriously, how could THIS be the final product? It's ugly and glitchy and awful and all I did was watch it and not even play! Read more and watch gameplay here.

Way way back in 2013, after the original THQ dissolved and the WWE license was up for grabs, Take Two jumped in and scooped up the license and started publishing the games starting with WWE 2K14. The plan back then was for longtime series developer Yuke's to finish its work on that year's game, which would become WWE 2K14, and then another developer would step in and make the games from then on. I remember all of that because I got the press release and wrote a news article about it all back in early 2013. 

What happened instead was that Yuke's kept pumping out the games ever year - probably because Take Two was too cheap to make the commitment to a new team - up until WWE 2K20, when Visual Concepts took over fully. Visual Concepts had helped Yuke's make the previous several games, and VC has a reputation as a good sports game developer, so it seemed like it was in good hands. 

Spoilers: It wasn't in good hands. Somehow, some way, a series that was already most known for being glitchy as Hell and incredibly inconsistent visually got by far its worst entry in years. WWE 2K20 is goddamn UGLY, which is crazy considering that WWE 2K19 looked decent and was a solid game overall. WWE 2K20 is also extremely glitchy and wonky and crappy and dumb and, ugh. Rumor has it that there won't be a WWE 2K21 this year in order for VC to have enough time to get everything back in shape for the next game. That's probably a good plan.

For this video I watched a women's Royal Rumble match. It started off great with Asuka coming out #1 and lasting until more than halfway through. Then it was boring for a while so I cut a lot of stuff out. Then Kairi Sane came out at #30 and it was interesting again!