Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Eric Vs. 365 - Day 296 - NASCAR Heat 2

NASCAR Heat Evolution was a mess. A proof of concept at best. NASCAR Heat 2 was quite a bit better, but not especially good. NASCAR Heat 3 greatly improved. And NASCAR Heat 4 is genuinely excellent. We've played Heat 3 and 4 for Eric Vs. 365 already but, sadly, didn't win. Today is NASCAR Heat 2 and you'll never guess what happened. Read more and watch gameplay here.

I did it. I finally won one a race in one of these stupid NASCAR games on camera. I played Heat 3 and 4 and NASCAR '15 and got screwed over in each and every one. Not in NASCAR Heat 2. My pit strategy was perfect. I didn't get wrecked by anyone. A horribly timed caution flag didn't totally "F" me in the "A". It all just worked like it was supposed to. Congratulations, me.

It's so weird that it all happened like this, to be honest. These games are ridiculously easy when I play them on my own and win with little effort. As soon as I wanted to show off, though, I kept getting screwed over. That's kind of what made them fun and worth doing. I didn't want these videos to just be a "look at how great I am" parade for 365 (366) days, I wanted them to be real and honest and that's what these NASCAR videos turned out to be. 

I can't see myself playing NASCAR Heat Evolution for Eric Vs. 365, because it sucks. Maybe I'll do a PS2 NASCAR title or something instead.