Thursday, April 23, 2020

Eric Vs. 365 - Day 298 - NBA 2K20

As sports games have become more realistic simulations of the real sports they have also become significantly less fun for regular folks to play. Give us NBA Jam over NBA 2K any day. So, with that in mind, here's NBA 2K20 with the sliders set to "LOLz" with 90's All-Stars taking on the current New York Knicks. Read more and watch the game here.

The best part about 2K sports games is all of the sliders you can adjust to make the game play however you want. I LOVE THIS. You can turn it into as much of a sim or an arcade experience as you want, and that is absolutely fantastic. Of course, cranking everything up to Godlike and thrash an opponent for a couple of games is ridiculously boring, and not remotely worth paying $60 (or $50 ... or $30 ... or anything) so the fact NBA 2K20 is on Game Pass is pretty much the only reason why I bothered to play it. 

I like sports games. I like sports. I'm not the typical nerd that is proud of how shit I am at sports. Or the other typical nerds who think disliking sports gives them some sort of extra nerd cred for all of the other nerds to look up to. No, I want to like these games. But they just aren't any freaking fun anymore and haven't been for a long time. 

I was so fed up with sports games at one point that I stopped reviewing a lot of them. Back when there were 2 NBA games and 2 NHL games I wouldn't even do separate reviews and just did direct comparison articles between them instead. 

For this video in particular I turned my sliders up to 100% and left the CPU on 0's. You can guess how it went. I also played as the 90's All-Star team against the current New York Knicks, which was just unfair. I picked the 90's All-Stars because these are the players I grew up with and actually know. Man, the Dream Team 1 and 2 were so goddamn great. Basketball has bee shit ever since.