Monday, April 27, 2020

Eric Vs. 365 - Day 302 - Destiny 1

Has there ever been a franchise with a more fickle hardcore fanbase than Destiny? Nothing is ever good enough and everything sucks but they're also always eagerly anticipating the next content release so they can keep grinding away at the game they hate and don't think is all that good. The "Destiny Cycle" is real and its freaking annoying for anyone on the outside looking in. Read more and watch Destiny 1 gameplay here.

What is the "Destiny Cycle"? It is a cycle of hype -> release -> enjoyment -> disappointment that has happened every single time new Destiny content has been released. Everyone loves what is coming and gets hyped. It gets released and they enjoy it. Two weeks later, everyone is bored of the new stuff and hates the changes that were made and the new content is shallow and disappointing. Then, weeks / months later, new content is promised and the cycle begins again. Destiny fans are never ever happy with the game. They're kind of a bunch of cunts.

The problem with Destiny fans is that they want a game they can just keep grinding away at day after day after day but it isn't really designed to be that. So they tear through content super fast, much faster than normal players, and then complain that there isn't enough to do. If they'd just take it slower or, even better, take a freaking break from the game once in a while, they'd have a steady stream of content to enjoy. But, instead, they'd rather tear through it ASAP and then get to the (apparent) fun part of being a Destiny fan, complaining about everything!

For me personally, I never go through the Destiny cycle. I covered Destiny 1 through The Taken King expansion, and then Destiny 2 through Forsaken, and kind of loved every minute I spent with the franchise. The secret to my enjoyment? I'd play the content that was available for 2 weeks or a month or however long it took until I was satisfied, and then I'd stop and move on to another game. Then, when an expansion or event or something happened, I'd jump back in and play some more. I never ever went through the "Ugh, there's not enough stuff to do" phase of the cycle. I treated Destiny just like any other game - one that had an end - and then moved on. 

This video was kind of surprising to me, honestly. I didn't expect there to be so many people still playing Destiny 1 on Xbox One, but everything was still populated with players.