Friday, May 1, 2020

Eric Vs. 365 - Day 306 - WWE 2K16

WWE wrestling has sucked for a while now - about the last 18-years, give or take. Between hiring a million writers, which destroyed any sense of real characters, pivoting towards being family friendly, and desperately trying to capture the MMA audience by pretending fake wrestling was "real", WWE is just a watered down boring shell of what it was. Nothing showcases that more than today's video where I stuck four oldschool superstars in the ring in WWE 2K16 and they had an awesome match. Read more and watch right here.

I don't even think that the Attitude Era was some great time for wrestling, to be honest. No, they had a lot more misses than hits back in those days overall. But the hits they did get were ridiculously massive. The Rock. Stone Cold. HHH. Kane. Mankind. All amazing. WCW produced Goldberg, Chris Jericho, He Who Shall Not Be Named. ECW contributed RVD, Rhyno, Sabu, Tommy Dreamer, The Sandman. They're all great awesome memorable CHARACTERS who became popular because of their ring work as well as their personalities. 

Then WWE bought everything and decided to go in a new direction and everything went to crap. Wreslters no longer had a personality or a gimmick, they all just became the same boring Bob Johnson reciting the same terribly written lines from a massive team of writers. Stone Cold and The Rock's biggest most memorable catch phrases and moments were organic and spur of the moment and just sort of happened. That kind of stuff hasn't happened in, literally, 18 years. 

Pro wrestling is fake. Everyone knows this. Back in the 90's, wrestling embraced the fake carney-ness of it all. Larger than life characters with unique gimmicks were what made it interesting. Now everyone is the same and they're all boring. And instead of the crowd deciding who is popular, we have Vince desperately trying to get Roman Reigns over for the last 5 years. It ain't gonna happen.

Remember when John Cena was just a super obnoxious white rapper guy? Neither does WWE. He's been boring unstoppable superman for too long.