Monday, May 4, 2020

Eric Vs. 365 - Day 309 - Rocket League

I'm not kidding when I say Rocket League is probably the best game of the X1/PS4 generation. It just feels so good to play and is so incredibly intuitive but also has a ridiculously high skill ceiling that encourages you to keep playing and getting better. High level play is mind blowing. Low level play is ridiculously entertaining. And everything in between is wonderful. In a generation where cinematic slow paced mopey shit is what most people (or PS4 fans ...) will say is the best, Rocket League stands high above it all and reigns supreme as a pure and simple video game-ass video game. Read more and watch gameplay here.

Rocket League almost convinced me to buy a PS4 back when it came out in July 2015 and was exclusive for a while. It looked so incredibly fun and unique and awesome and I desperately wanted it. I managed to hold out, though, and it was released on Xbox One in February 2016. Then I bought a PS4 in 2017 and bought Rocket League again anyway. Heh. 

During that Summer of 2017 I played a ridiculous amount of Rocket League. I'd swap between the X1 and PS4 versions constantly, too, because I'd turn the system on intending to play a different game but I'd end up playing Rocket League instead. I even foolishly thought I was maybe getting kind of good at it after playing so much, but as soon as I actually tried practicing specific techniques and trying to really get better, suddenly all of my mojo was gone and it was like I was back at square one. Now I'm just back to being a normal super low level unimpressive lame bland bad Rocket League player. But, damn it, it's still fun.

Rocket League also deserves major praise for being cheap to start with, but also providing tons and tons and tons of extra content for free even all these years later. I don't really love the loot box and premium content bullshit that has infested the game, but I do understand that the reason why we keep getting updates and new modes and new content is because of the saps paying real money for all of that cosmetic crap, so it's a fair compromise. I guess.