Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Eric Vs. 365 - Day 331 - Tekken 7

Today's game is Tekken 7 - right up there among the best 3D fighting games of all time - but we didn't fight this time and did Tekken Bowling instead! It's, uh, not a great bowling game, to be honest. It was still sorta fun, though, and I got to tell stories about when I was a champion bowler as a teenager. Yes. Really. Read more and watch gameplay here.

Man, I used to freaking love going bowling. Practically every Friday night in 8th and 9th grade a group of friends and I would go bowl 3 games and then eat McDonald's. Most of us weren't especially great at it, but it was really fun to go hang out and goff off. It was a tradition. Side note - at one point we also got hooked on air hockey and would drive to the next town over just to have epic air hockey tournaments (because our small town didn't even have an air hockey table).

When I was a sophomore in High School I joined the youth bowling league. It was a team league so I joined a friend's team who had already been in the league a few years. We dominated. We cruised to an overall championship that first year and actually won a mid-season tournament we didn't know was even going on. The next year the same friend and I, but a new third member, seriously annihilated everyone all season once again. Usually you play the whole season - every Saturday for 5-months or something - and then the top 2 teams have a final round for the championship. That season we were so good that they just stopped counting our wins halfway through the year and put us in the championship round automatically. Unfortunately, the championship round that year was brutal and all three of us bowled our worst games of the year so we lost. And we lost to the worst gloating bad winner poor attitude a-holes possible, too, which made it sting even more.

And that was the end of my bowling career. We tried to do it again the next year, but it didn't work out. We were seniors in high school at that point and my two teammates - the same friend plus another new member but we were all actually friends this time so we thought it would be super extra fun - both had jobs and had to work practically every Saturday afternoon, so we had to quit since I was the only one that ever showed up. 

I've only ever gone bowling a handful of times since then. Now our town doesn't even have a bowling alley anymore because we had an epic terrible winter in 2017 that dumped so much snow on us it collapsed something like 300 buildings in our county - including the bowling alley and local grocery store. 

I like bowling. I can't bowl anymore. So I play Tekken Bowl instead.