Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Eric Vs. 365 - Day 338 - Formula Retro Racing

Good news, everyone! For $12 you can get the best F1-style game on Xbox One. It isn't a boring poopy simulation of a boring dinosaur of a sport. No, it's a retro arcade inspired romp with a great visual style and awesome music. It's called Formula Retro Racing and it's awesome! Read more and watch gameplay here.

Formula Retro Racing is an oldschool arcade-style racing game where you start at the back of the pack and work your way forward. It is kind of tricky, though, because your car is realistically fragile so if you hit another car or the wall hard enough it'll break and you'll lose a bunch of positions. This makes the game surprisingly challenging - because the A.I. drivers have a knack for getting in your way at the worst possible times - but also very rewarding when you weave your way through the pack. 

It doesn't have a ton of content with only 8 tracks, but there are three distinct difficulty levels that change things up pretty well. As I mentioned above, it's genuinely challenging as well, so you'll have to play a bit to really master most of the tracks. It is worth noting that some of the tracks are obviously based on real F1 tracks - the Monaco Grand Prix is pretty easy to spot, for example - which is pretty cool. I'm not an F1 fan at all, but I do appreciate the history of the sport (plus I've raced on most of the tracks in non-F1 games ...).

All in all, Formula Retro Racing is a brilliant blast from the past that is easy to recommend at $12.