Sunday, June 7, 2020

Eric Vs. 365 - Day 343 - Xenon Racer

Xenon Racer was supposed to be a futuristic Ridge Racer-style game, or at least that's what ResetERA said. Well, like most things, ResetERA was freaking wrong. Xenon Racer sucks. It's a bad racing game. It maybe sort of lulls you into a "oh, this is kind of like Ridge Racer maybe, kinda" feeling at the beginning, but that is short lived as the game totally sucks and reveals its suckyness within the first race. Read more and watch gameplay here.

Xenon Racer is a racing game where the idea is to drift around corners in order to build turbo boosts. It doesn't feel too good to actually control, though. You pretty much have to constantly be drifting and blowing through your turbos because it is impossible to win otherwise. In fact, it might be impossible to consistently win anyway. The A.I. cheats. You can run a perfect race and still lose by literal kilometres on the track - the game keeps track of the distance you're behind. If you make a single mistake, kiss your chances of winning goodbye. And if you don't save a turbo or two for the final stretch on the last lap, you can guarantee that the A.I. will blow theirs and pass you right at the finish line. Man this game sucks.

So you try to drift as much as possible in order to go as fast as possible, but then the game throws another big F-you in the way - if your car takes too much damage it blows up, costing you several seconds on the track and making the already long odds of you beating the cheating A.I. even longer. The game controls so poorly, though, that you spend a lot of time smacking into the walls while trying to go fast, so then you either blow up or have to slow down and be more careful, which, obviously, ruins your chances to win.

To top it all off, it really seems like the A.I. doesn't face the same limitations that you do. It seems like the A.I. has infinite turbo boosts, or at least doesn't have to charge them up in the same way that you do, which is how it can stretch a lead of several kilometres in the blink of an eye. This game freaking sucks.

Xenon Racer sucks. Don't buy it. Don't play it. I bought it for something like $3 on sale on Xbox One and it was a mistake.