Thursday, June 11, 2020

Eric Vs. 365 - Day 347 - Gal Gun 2

Gal Gun 2 is the most polished and overall best entry in the Gal Gun series. If you're actually here for the gameplay, that is. If you loved the extra pervy stuff in past games - Doki Doki mode in particular - a lot of that has been toned down in Gal Gun 2. Personally, I think that's a good thing, but you do you. The rest of the game is a marked improvement in just about every way. Read more and watch gameplay here.

Gal Gun Double Peace was a shallow rail shooter whose only real appeal was that it was wonderfully pervy. Blasting away at scores of cute girls with love bullets was surprisingly fun and satisfying and, damn it, the anime girls were really freaking cute. Gal Gun 2 takes all of that and ramps it up even more. The graphics are better. The girls are cuter. And the gameplay is actually much better. 

Somewhat surprisingly, the really pervy stuff (Doki Doki mode, some other things) has actually been toned down in Gal Gal 2 compared to previous games in the series. Honestly, that's a good thing because it was just really awkward and weird. The result is a game you'll still be embarrassed to play in front of anyone else, but the chances of someone walking in during an especially egregious scene are slightly less. 

Gal Gun is such an appealing game to me because it's basically every harem anime trope all mixed into one. All the girls want you - Check. You get to go to a super fun "anime school" in Japan - Check. All of the girls are ridiculously cute - Check. Angel girl - Check. Demon girl - Check. Childhood friend - Check. Lucky pervert MC - Check. It's all here and it's interactive. It does rank pretty high on the creep scale, especially for people that don't "get it", but damn it, this is a hill I'm willing to die on. 

Gal Gun 2 is loads of fun.