About Us

PSXBoxIndies is a reviews site dedicated to reviewing as many ID@Xbox games on Xbox One as possible.  Ever notice how only the "big" indies ever get any coverage, but there are 5-6 more that get released every week that get nothing?  Those games deserve coverage too!  They cost money.  People can buy them.  And people deserve to know whether they're good or not.  Other sites aren't doing a good enough job with console indie games, so we're here to pick up the slack.

Or maybe we'll go insane after having to review ten thousand different 2D platformers that get released as part of ID@Xbox, but our descent into madness should be fun to watch, at least.

We cover mostly Xbox One releases, as that is what editor Eric has spent the most time with, but we have also started reviewing PS4 indies as well. Maybe we'll get around to Nintendo Switch games at some point, too, but that won't be for a while.  Also, we aren't going to be 100% exclusively indie games.  We might throw a "AAA" title or two in now and then.

We're an indie reviews site helping indie game devs. 

Review Practices

We review games on a 10-point scale, specifically, five stars with half-stars.  We use the entire scale, which means a 5/10 is simply mediocre, not bad.  Below a 5 are bad games.  Above a 5 are good games.  Simple.

If we received a review code from a publisher / developer, we will disclose that on the review page.


We will try to post gameplay videos of every game that we can to accompany our reviews.  We feel like quick looks and Let's Play-style videos are better than doing video reviews, so that is what we'll focus on.  You can see all of our PSXBoxIndies videos, as well as many others, at our Eric & Andrew Versus YouTube channel here - https://www.youtube.com/user/gferic/featured

About Eric Qualls

Eric Qualls has been a freelance journalist covering the videogame industry for 15+ years.  He started out at GamesFirst.com as a reviewer and eventually news editor and had a review published in GMR magazine before landing a long term gig as the Xbox Guide / Expert for About.com, a position he held for 11-years.  Now he's set his sights on indie games.