Monday, February 11, 2019

Access Denied Review (XONE)

Putting aside the dumb scenario - you're a "cracker" who has to solve puzzle boxes to steal personal data - Access Denied is pretty close to a perfect little bite-sized indie game. The puzzles are satisfying to solve, the presentation is solid enough, and the price is right at just $5 for 2-3 hours of playtime. It also has an easy 1000 Gamersscore on Xbox One and, yes, it does have a platinum trophy on PS4. If you enjoy puzzle games and can think outside of the box (heh), then Access Denied is well worth a look. Keep reading our full review below for all of the details.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Monster Energy Supercross: The Official Videogame 2 Review (XONE)

I loved 2018's Monster Energy Supercross: The Official Videogame and said it was the best SX/MX game we'd had in years, so imagine my surprise when a "famous" gaming YouTuber put it on their list of the absolute worst games of the year. Who would you rather listen to, though - someone that has been to real supercross events and understands the sport, or someone who repeatedly crashed on purpose "for the lulz" and then said the game sucks? Sorry to rant, but that whole thing just really annoyed me. Now we're on to 2019 and Milestone's second crack at an official supercross game with the aptly titled Monster Energy Supercross: The Official Videogame 2. Monster Energy Supercross 2 doesn't change much from the first game but adds an extra year of polish to pretty easily stand as the new king of MX/SX games. Continue reading our full Xbox One Monster Energy Supercross: The Official Videogame 2 review for all of the details.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Senran Kagura: Burst Re:Newal Review (PS4)

The latest Senran Kagura action romp is a blast from the past in the form of a 3D remake of the first title in the series, Senran Kagura: Burst. Originally a 2.5D sidescroller on Nintendo 3DS, Senran Kagura: Burst Re:Newal re-mixes the gameplay into a 3D action game while adding new playable characters and other content. While the 3D musou-style gameplay borrowed from Estival Versus is just as enjoyable as ever, the too-serious story told through long, long, long text crawls simply isn't very fun compared to where the series ended up by the time Estival Versus or Peach Beach Splash rolled around. Despite that, the gameplay is solid, the fanservice is phenomenal, and the overall package will more than satisfy fans of the franchise. Continue reading our full Senran Kagura: Burst Re:Newal PS4 review for all of the details. 

Monday, January 28, 2019

Resident Evil 2 Remake Review (PS4)

The Resident Evil 2 remake takes the best parts of classic survival horror Resident Evil and everything Capcom learned from Resident Evil 7 to create something new and fresh and wonderful that stands as aruably the best entry in the entire series. It isn't just a prettier version of the same experience with a smattering of new stuff like the RE1 remake, either. The Resident Evil 2 remake is familiar on the surface, certainly, but dig even a little bit and you find an almost totally new experience from gameplay feel to narrative beats to level layouts and more. The result is a game drenched in nostalgia, but also one that stands head and shoulders above what came before it because Capcom made the risky decision to change things for the better. I absolutely love the new Resident Evil 2. Continue reading our full review for all of the details.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

FutureGrind Review (PS4)

You like Trials? I like Trials. Everyone seems to like Trials. That challenging and satisfying blend of 2D platforming on a motorbike is really fun and addictive, after all. Now imagine if Trials had even more depth and strategy and you'd get the new 2D action / racing / platformer from Milkbag Games called FutureGrind. FutureGrind shakes up the Trials formula by featuring different colored wheels that can only touch the same color rails so you have to flip your bike and think quickly in order to continue down the track. The result is gameplay that is even more satisfying and mind bending and a ton of fun. Continue reading our full FutureGrind review for all of the details.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition Review (XONE)

Originally released in 2008, Tales of Vesperia not only was the best JRPG of the 7th console generation but its newly remastered Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition makes a pretty strong case to consider it the best of the current (8th) gen as well. Tales of Vesperia just has that special something that is not only enjoyable to play, but very memorable long afterward. It looks great, has a fantastic soundtrack, has awesomely likable characters, and a fun battle system that doesn't overwhelm you with mechanics. I loved it back in the day when I reviewed the original Xbox 360 release for and, dang it, I love it even more now that it's on Xbox One, PS4, and Switch. Continue reading our full Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition review for more.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Need for Speed: Payback Deserves A Second Chance

When Electronic Arts' latest Need for Speed title, Need for Speed: Payback, launched in November 2017 it was slammed for having a shady real money loot crate-based progression system just like Star Wars Battlefront II. Almost immediately after launch, however, developer Ghost Games and EA made an effort to tweak the loot crates and fix the progression. They rendered the loot crates almost meaningless in the process and made in-game progression much faster and easier. You'd think fans would come back to the game and enjoy it, since the core game underneath the MTX was pretty solid, but that didn't happen. The damage had already been done and people decided they hated it without even playing it. Well, now it's January 2019 and I'm telling you to give Need for Speed: Payback another chance. It's probably my favorite NFS game since Underground 2 and I'm having a great time with it. Continue reading for all of the details.

Monday, December 31, 2018

PSXBoxIndies' Top 10 PS4 / X1 Games of 2018

Welcome to PSXBoxIndies' Top Ten Games of 2018. It includes indies and "AA" games that released on PS4 and Xbox One. This was a hard list this year, honestly. In 2017 I had so many games I liked I made a Top 15 list instead of Top 10, but finding 10 games I truly loved in 2018 was tough. You might notice that there are no big budget "AAA" mega blockbusters on this list. Well, I did play some, but thought they were only OK (Spider-Man) to downright bad (Red Dead Redemption II). This is my site and my list, so I'm going to do what I want. Continue reading for the full list.

Friday, December 14, 2018

Dead Cells Review (XONE)

Dead Cells is what classic 2D Castlevania would be like if it was fast and fluid and actually felt good to play and was also a procedurally generated roguelike. I know that is kind of a loaded opening statement - sorry, I just don't like Classicvania and greatly prefer the SOTN-style Metroidvania formula - but Dead Cells takes the retro Classicvania formula and elevates it far and above where it has ever been before. It looks and sounds great and feels awesome to play with excellent combat and movement mechanics and offers unique gameplay hooks that make it one of the most addictive and satisfying action games in a long, long time. Dead Cells is awesome. Continue reading our full Dead Cells Xbox One review for all of the details. 

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Override: Mech City Brawl Review (XONE)

Override: Mech City Brawl is a giant robot fighting game that is big dumb fun in all of the most wonderful ways. It feels like the modern evolution of Pipeworks Studio's trio of Godzilla brawlers from the mid-2000's, but it moves a heck of a lot faster than those games ever did. With great mech designs, intuitive controls, and ridiculously fun city smashing gameplay, Override: Mech City Brawl is a must play for anime-style mecha and kaiju fans. Continue reading our full review for more.